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I can not Sign in


I Forgot My Password

  • What can I do if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password, you can reset it using your email address, phone number. If you can not reset your password in that way, then you can contact us via email support.


  • What can I do if I do not receive a password recovery email?

If you do not receive the password reset email, it's likely that the email is in your spam filter, or you typed in an email when you registered the postterest Account.


To get your password settings email, try:

  1. Check the spam filter in your email account.
  2. Contact your email service provider to ensure that you can receive emails from the @ domain
  3. If you entered an incorrect email message while signing up for your account, we are unable to grant access to this account.


 What can I do if my email address can not be found during password recovery?

If your email address is not found while trying to reset your password, you may register with a different email or incorrect email when signing up.


If you encounter this problem, try the following:

  1. Type Forgot Password on the login screen, Then type the Email address. Enter any email address you may have registered then send. You will get a notification url submission from us.
  2. If you can not access your used email account when registering we can not provide access to this account.


I received a password reset email for the wrong postterest account.

  1. If you received a password reset email for the wrong account, it's likely that the account you tried to sign in has been registered with a different email.
  2. To regain access to the correct account, try additional email addresses to be able to set a password.


What can I do if I receive a password recovery email but still can not sign in?

  1. The link in the password recovery email is time sensitive, If you have received the email but can not login yet, try to request another password recovery email.
  2. If you copy the settings link or reset the new password, make sure you do not include any extra spaces before pasting them into your browser or login field.


Email and User Name Troubleshooting

  • I can not find my account or do not know my username.

If you can not find your account after entering your username:

  1. Make sure you enter the username correctly, especially if the username contains recurring characters.
  2. Do not enter the @ symbol when entering your username.


If you feel your username has changed because your account was compromised:

  1. Check if you have received an email from postterest notifying you that your account information has been changed.
  2. Ask friends to visit your profile and display a screenshot of your current username


  • What can I do if I lose access to the email I used when signing up?

If you lose access to the email address you used to register postterest, you can change the email address associated with your account.

If you can not log in to postterest because you forgot your password and can not access the email address you used to register, please contact your email provider to access that email:


Email Service Provider List:


  1. com,
  2. net,
  3. com,,
  4. net
  5. net
  6. com,
  7. com,,
  8. com
  9. com,,
  10. com
  11. com,,


If you forgot password and lost access to email account, we can not give you postterest account, this includes accounts registered with wrong typed email address.

We understand this can be frustrating, but this policy is meant to make sure postterest account does not fall into the wrong hands.


  • I received an email stating I created a new postterest account, but I never registered a new account.

Maybe someone tried to register postterest account using your email address accidentally. To delete your email from your account:


  1. If you have postterest account, please exit before leaving, make sure you have access to the email address currently connected to your Account.
  2. Click let us know at the bottom of our support email to let us know that this is not you.
  3. You will then be able to use this email address to register postterest account and add your current prefix.
  4. Please let us know immediately if you're still having trouble with your email address or phone number.


  • It looks like my postterest account was Hacked

If you are still able to log in to your postterest account.

If you think your account has been hacked and you can still log in, here are some things you can do to secure it:


  1. Change password or request a password reset e-mail
  2. Cancel access to suspicious third-party apps
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication for additional security


Account Disabled

  • What can I do if my account is disabled?

If your postterest account is disabled, you'll see a message notifying you when trying to sign in. Accounts that do not comply with Community Guidelines or User Terms may be disabled without rank. We recommend that you carefully review the community guidelines in addition to posts on all accounts you create.


If you feel your account was disabled for errors, you can appeal the decision by contacting us via our email support.


If you do not see a disabling message, you may have trouble signing in. If funds or someone who owns your password delete your account. There is no way to recover it. You can create a new account with the same email address you used before, but may not get the same username.