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About us Postterest


Postterest is a service or platfrom for sharing information through images, designs and sharing with friends, relatives or families and the public through this service.


We try to help you to find various things with this service. And recommend the things you are looking for with this service.


This service can be used by anyone from teenagers to the elderly, as an advertising medium with a short text title, or as a learning medium, a design community, a community of drawings, design.


Since its inception the service focuses on simplicity in sharing information through simple images and designs but does not detract from beauty.


About us team


(@msurya03) Co - Founder and CPO is responsible for the management and product postterest, vision mission and postterest strategy, from the beginning stood trying to combine simplicity with the beauty of the service.


(@danang) Co - Founder and CTO is responsible for the technology development of postterest products / platforms focusing on technology as well as simplicity and beauty, he focusing on informatics and data management.


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